It is designed as twin-rank entirely, high lighting plasticizing function, it makesure the high effciency and high performance extrusion. Special barrier, BM type comprehensive mixing design, which guarantees the mixing quality of material. High cutting and low melting temperature ensure the extrusion at low temperature and high properties.


1. High speed, high output, high quality.

2. Low plasticizing temperature design, which ensures good-quality product extrusion.

3. High torque output, super large thrust bearing.

4. High rigidity alloy steel gear and shaft, carburing treatment, gear grinding treatment, splash lubrication and forced lubrication system built in hard-face tooth surface grarbox; separate circulation cooling system in connected.

5. High hardness, smooth finish, ultra-low noise.

6. Automatic hopper drying machine eliminates the moisture of the material.

7. Automatic feeder helps labor saving.

8. Automatic weighting feeder can be equipped with tocontrol the product weight per meter.

9. PLC/PCC smart control system realizes the linkage between the master and slave machinery, HMI monitoring, real-time monitoring for the production process, and according 10 the adual silualion, the control style is changeable.

10. Screw & barrel is made 38CrMoALA, and it's been azotized, therefore, its weae resistant.

11. High prociseness of temperature control, combined cooling of air and water cooling, special design of material entry, equipped with perfact water cooling device and professional symmetric trapezoid slot lining.