PE/PP/PC Hollow Grid sheet extrusion line/ hollow sheet machine

23*2*2.3M this PP/PE/PC Hollow Grid Sheet Extrusion line / Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line / Hollow Grid Sheet Making Machine/ hollow sheet machine adopts KRSJ series high-efficiency single screw extruder, installed with mould, through vacuum molding, and followed by five roller, three roller hauling-off units, and final product`s size can be varied by adjusting the cutter.


The Hollow Grid Sheet Extrusion Line / Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line / Hollow Grid Sheet Making Machine is characterized by high output, precise dimension of finished product, easy operation, high automation, etc. By replacing the calibration device, the line can produce HDPE/LDPE grid sheet and PP/PC transparent heat reservation grid sheet for the application in agriculture and construction. The grid sheet produced by this machine is good looking and pressure resistant.


You can use hollow grid sheets in a variety of ways. The most common application is in graphic arts, signs and packaging. Corrugated plastic sheets are also used as photographic lighting reflectors, small to large-sized greenhouse panels, light diffusers for cold boxes, and shades for delicate plants and aquatics.