plastic pipe making machine in pipe extrusion machine production line

Product Description

Plastic pipe making machine application:

   Plastic pipe application and usage amount is far ahead in the plastic pipe field,good surface hardness and tensile strength, good anti-aging, high safety factor, it is widely used in electrical cable pipe,water supply pipe,drain pipe, agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement of cables etc.

Production line with high efficiency single screw extruder and through the spiral or basket type mould by multi - Crawler traction machine vacuum sizing cooling and. As is known to all, large-diameter PE pipe are tractive pipe variety, KR specially developed rapid traction switching device, so as to solve the the problem. By the appropriate transformation part of the unit, you can achieve a two-layer or multi-layer co extruded, replacing the extruded layer material or add special materials according to the requirements of the use, such as flame retardant, antistatic, corrosion resistance, nano antibacterial materials, greatly improving the pipe use, reduce raw material consumption, thereby reducing the cost of pipes.

Production line using PLC control system, man-machine dialogue interface, simple operation, stand-alone adjustment, the full board linkage, automatic fault alarm, production and reliable.