PA pipe extruder machine. This line is designed for making different diameter PA pipe from 10mm-50mm. 

Our extrusion line selection of special pipe design and manufacture of high hastelloy c4 special extruder.  The die-head adopts high-speed precision extrusion device.

Have front behind melting pressure display and enables precise controlling and extrusion to ensure that all composite pipe layers dimensions fully meet the disign requirements, pulling & cutting machine adopts our company's unique high-speed muti-wedge flat belt pulling and high-speed flying-knife cutter, completely subvert the common traction machine, slip phenomenon and achieve high-speed dustless cutting for small diameter pipe; the prodution line adopts various elements of the word's most advanced control systems measurements system, sensor system, power system. 

This product of single-layer or multiple-layer PA nylon alloy composite pipe is evenly compositing, reliable bonding also has bright surface. And it finished for many years the situation of depending on imports and filled the black of enquipment, pipe field localization. This kind of three layer composite nylon alloy pipe can be windly used in many field including high-pressure piping system cable insulation jacket, medical catheters, antomobile engine oil line, mechanical parts and aviation enquipment,etc.