Profile extruding machine 

1. Different types of extruders With different sorts of molds and auxiliary machines,
2. It can produce all sorts of PVC plastic pipe material, profiled material, plate material, sliced material, bar material and granulation. 
3. It can also extrude PP.PE pipe at high speed by changing special barrel.
4. Computer control or conventional control is optional. 
5. According to customer's requirements, most reasonable screw can be made so as to achieve best plasticity state and material quality. 
6. The screw is made by high precision special digital screw miller; extruding property can be highly harmonized. 
7. It has firstly introduced advanced technique of producing screws with variable pitch and depth, so that the material can be more softly sheared and cut. 
8. The distribution box is specially designed, pull force bearing is fully imported, the drive life span can be prolonged. 
9. It can bear larger extruding pressure.