KR series of polyolefin (PO) spiral molds

The new-type spiral polyolefine mould is matched to high-efficiency single-screw extruder by our company.Since we are experienced to designing and manufacturing helical distributors,the calculation of the die is based on our special reducing/enlarging technique to equal wall thickness distribution despite of the pipe diameters.Its design is based on the best shaping and good-quality production,is has the incomperable advantages compared to other polyolefine pipe press die.We also provide special moulds,detailed solutions,we are always working hard to meet the requirements of the market and raise our market share.
Mould characterristic 
1.Single/double/multiple spiral distributors are provided according to the requests of the customers. Single/double/multiple-layer pipes,double/multiple-color pipes can be produced. 
2.Excellent self-cleaning capacity,which is essier for mould cleaning and minimizes the effect caused by the residual material and raw material exchanging,working effciency is raised and cost is lowered.
3.the equal distribution of the melted material in the format of starring circle arrangement makes the stable tolerances. 
4.With proper adjustment by the transition device,the combined structure makes the pipe transit properly in a big range,and making it more economical.
5.The layered structure ensures the strength of the pipe.
6.The mould carriage is built with,making easier installation,dismantling,cleaning,exchanging,and combining.
7.The mould is very adaptable to different material,can be used for the following hot-plastic material:PE80,PE100,PP-R,PP-H,ABS,ABS/PC mixture,PEX and PPO.The lately designed flowing passage is based on sufficient consideration of highly glutinous material PE100 and new materrial during pipe extrusion.