PP/PE pipe extrusion production line

1. Diameter: 16-1200mm, 
2. Output: 150-850kg/h, 
3. Extrusion speed: 0.1-15m/min, 
4. Installed power: 85-600kw



material Hopper Dryer and Auto charger → PE pipe extruder → marking line extruder → mould → calibrator → vacuum calibration tank → spray cooling water tank →  printer → haul-off → cutter → pipe discharging rack



1. Equipped with single or twin screw extruder, it can fulfill the need of processing PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PMMA et cetera. 
2. 3-Dimension adjustable vacuum calibrating unit, optimized vacuun swith, flow switch, multiple choice of dies. 
3. Optimized designed tooling, precise fabricated, high quality material. 
4. Dynamic balance haul-off, frequency conversion/AC speeding, stable running, convenient operation. 

5. Cutter adopts professional designed saw blade, controlled by PLC, smooth flat cut. 
6. Optimized length counter and dust collector configuration.