HDPE micro duct bundle hose / tube / pipe extrusion line

High speed high-efficiency single-screw extruder is designed for different materials and product specifications. Aspect ratio and compression ratio of the screw, as well as structures for the machine barrel can be different to meet different processing requirements. Users can choose the appropriate barrel, screw and driving system basing on their needs.

When the HDPE single screw extruding machine works, plasticizing and mixing processes are conducted uniformly so materials are not easy to get broken. This extruder appears high output and stable performance.Besides, we have equipped it with a cooling device on the barrel, and an auto temperature control system. DC motor and variable frequency control is employed for the main motor. The HDPE plastic extruder features simple structure and convenient maintenance. The detailed settings can be adjusted upon clients' demands.

HDPE Silicon Microducts Pipe Making Machine General Description:
1.The HDPE silicon microduct pipe making machine,is used to produce multi-layers composite HDPE silicon micro duct. Adopt advanced multiple extruder synchronous co-extrusion technology.
2.Main raw material is HDPE&Silica filter.
3.The manufactured pipe: HDPE silicon micro duct is widely used in the Opticalcable communication network system of expressway,railway.