For Water Supply 20-160mm PPR Pipe Production Extrusion Line Machine 

PPR pipe production line is capable of manufacturing PPR cold and hot water pipes of different diameters and thicknesses.

PPR pipe production line is capable of manufacturing different sorts of pipes such as PPR cold/hot water pipes and PE silicon pipes. This production line can also produce monocolour pipe with one extruder and multicolour pipe with co-extrusion die head.

Equipment List:

This pipe line includes single screw extruder, co-extrusion die; Vacuum calibrating water tank, water spraying tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine, stacker

Single Screw Extruder: High speed and efficiency It is ceramic heating which assures good plasticization and uniform heating of raw materials. Also it assures high speed and stable production and great output. 
Co-extrusion Die: Unique five layer co-extrusion technology ensures high and stable quality for aluminum plastic composite pipe. Advanced calibrating technology can develop the calibration quality.

 Vacuum Calibrating Water Tank: The body uses good quality stainless steel board equipped with ABS nozzle and anti-blocking impurities structure. It has long service life and the frame can be adjusted from three dimensions. There is roller in the shade. 
Water Spray Cooling Tank:The body is made of stainless steel and the shade is transparent soft PVC curtain which ensures good cooling effect.

Haul-off Machine: It adopts frequency convertor, pneumatic clamping and working simultaneously with the whole extrusion line.