Parameters of the production line:

Dripper transferring systerm: 1 set

Automatic material feeding and drying systerm: 1 set

SJ-75/30 single screw extruder: 1 set

Mold(the durable filter is included) 1 set

Vacuum water tank: 1 set

Cooling water tank: 1 set

Tractor: 2 set

Punching system: 1 set

Winding machine: 1 set

Electric cabinet: 1 set

Main technical parameters:

Production speed: 1-120M/MIN

Power for dripper transfer system: 60W

Speed for dripper transfer system: 400PCS/MIN

Punching speed: 400PCS/MIN

Water dripping space: 100MM-2000MM(adjustable)

Water dripping volume: 1.2-3.8L/H(adjustable)

Specification for tape: 0.2-0.6MM(adjustable)

Material: LDPE/HDPE

Overall dimension: 30M*2.5M*3M

Total weight: 6000KG