It is mainly used for conveying the solids with high high-speed flow ratio and high wearing, such as sand, gravel, grain, cullet and scraps; medium for gaseity and liquid, underground convey; convey hoses for glass factory. The port, steel mill, quarry, shipyard and cement mill use it as protective hose.

Features: It is high wear resistance protection, with reinforced steel wire and narrow inclination (Wear resistance is 2.5 - 5 times higher than most rubber material and 6 - 8 times higher than soft PVC material). Flat and smooth inner wall make the flow run well. The weight is low and it has someelasticity.

Structure:Spiral elastic steel wire is embedded strongly in the hose wall, which makes exterior flowability optimized. Wall thickness is about 3- 3.5mm, strengthen the main wearing parts.

Material: Hose wallPre-PUR.    Spiral rib:elastic steel wire

Temperature range: -40°C to125°C ,can get up to 150°C in a short time.