The extrusion line is newly developed based on European technique of new type pipe production line ; it`s suitable for PE , PP and other polyolefine pipes high-speed extrusion, The extrusion line has many advantages, such as, nest outline , highly automatic control . stable performance, it`s greatly reputed by the customers due to [European performance and domestic [, and it`s the best option as the substitute of the imported one.

KR-series high-efficiency single screw extrude has 8 standard sizes ; ∮30. ∮45. ∮65. ∮75. ∮90,∮105. ∮120. ∮150MM,and the L/D ratio is 30; 1D-37; 1DEffective length, All the equipments are controlled by the PLC/PCC smart modular, further, the automatic control ,real-time data record and closed-loop control are realized. The advantaged are high output , high adatability for different raw material, highly stable good-quality extrusion and so on .