The equipment is applicable to produce PC,PP,PE hollow profile beard.

The products are used widely for building, decorating, advertisement laying, road noise isolation and packing.

PP hollow coroplast sheet board can instead of carton which have feature like light weight, high strengthen, moisture-proof, antisepsis.

Width of board is 1220-3000mm and thickness is 2-16mm.

Composition of PP Hollow Coroplast Sheet/Board Production Machine


The specially designed screw and the advanced controlling system ensure excellent plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

Screen Changer

Quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short courseof screen changing.


Mould adopts high-quality alloy steel and throtting device to guarantee eventhickness

of the plate.

Vacuum Calibrating Table

Heating exchanging and cooling system of quick speed incalibrating system alternate

effectively and ordinally with vacuum system, which ensures calibrating precision.


There are two tractors. The first one is of high power, high reduction ratio,

multi-roller type, well low-speed operation, and in addition it is equipped with

edge-cutting device to ensure the valid width and smooth cut of the edges.

Stress Remover

The advanced large area conductive heating mode can effectivelyremove the

stress of plate and further improve planeness of the plate.

Cutting Machine

Accurate instant length-fixed cutting and automatic up-downdischarging system