YF series PVC imitation Marble (Foam) Profile Extrusion Line, consists of single screw extruder and the special co-extruder,with the cooling water tank, hot stamping machine system, hual-off unit, and stacker. This line with imported ABB AC inverter control, imported RKC temperature meter etc. and features of good plasticization, high output capacity, and stable performance etc. By adjust the embossing wheel the machine can work on various of different profiles. Working together with the main extruder and other extrusion down steam equipments, this line is popular ad the latest developed producing line.

UV Imitation Marble Board:

a. Board surface coat imitation marble film, or laminate imitation marble and through curing treatment, good anti scratch, and scratch resistance.

b. Board with variety of color, it is convenient to construct.

c. Instead of marble etc. natural stone in the interior.